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πŸš‘ Recover Lisk funds from non conventional passphrases
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Recover funds from non conventional passphrases

You have a non standard passphrase and your funds are locked? No problem!

The other day on the Lisk chat there was a user saying that he had a 15 words passphrase and Lisk Hub wouldn't allow to transfer the funds. We started to debug together and I built this tool for him.

This super simple tool allows you to transfer funds from a wallet, using any passphrase.

The script is nothing else than calling lisk-elements in order to sign the transaction and then broadcast it.

Getting started

You will need a file editor, a terminal and have installed NodeJS. That's all.

  • Open your terminal
  • git clone
  • cd lisk-rescue
  • Now open the file generate.js and add your details to the fields
  • Double check that the receiver address is correct.
  • npm install
  • node generate.js
  • Now copy the output (including the {}) into broadcast.js
  • Triple check that the receiver is correct.
  • execute broadcast.js by running node broadcast.js

Recomendations: For the first attempt, try with a very low amount of LSK, e.g. 1 (which corresponds to 0.00000001 LSK)

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