A jQuery plugin that lets you attach callbacks to useful image loading events.
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#waitForImages 1.4#

Copyright (c) 2011 Alex Dickson @alexdickson

Licensed under the MIT licenses.




Provides useful callbacks once descendent images have loaded.

waitForImages also supports images references in CSS, such as background-image.

It can be useful when WebKit incorrectly reports element dimensions/offsets on document ready, because it has not calculated their descendent img dimensions yet.


Matt Scharley.



Just provide a callback function and it will be called once all descendent images have loaded.

$('selector').waitForImages(function() {

    alert('All images are loaded.');

this is a reference to the element that waitForImages() is called on.


You can pass a second function as a callback that will be called for each image that is loaded, with some information passed as arguments.

$('selector').waitForImages(function() {

    alert('All images have loaded.');

}, function(loaded, count, success) {

   alert(loaded + ' of ' + count + ' images has ' + (success ? 'loaded' : 'failed to load') +  '.');


You can also set the third argument to true if you'd like the plugin to iterate over all elements, checking for images referenced in the CSS (by default, it looks at the background-image, listStyleImage, borderImage and borderCornerImage properties). If it finds any, they will be treated as an image and loaded.

The callback will be called on the successful and unsuccessful loading of the image. Check the third argument to determine the success of the image load. It will be true if the image loaded successfully.

Alternatively, you can pass an object literal to the plugin, instead of the arguments individually.

    finished: function() {
    each: function() {
    waitForAll: true

You may also set the CSS properties that possibly contain image references yourself. Just assign an array of properties to the plugin.

$.waitForImages.hasImgProperties = ['backgroundImage'];

waitForImages also exposes a custom selector, :uncached, which when used in conjunction with the img selector, allows you to select img elements that are not cached already by the browser.

$('img:uncached').attr('title', 'Loading Image');


Please use the Issues for any bugs, feature requests, etc.