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This is my repository for testing out the Disruptor library from LMAX. It is written against Disruptor-2.7. You can get the code here:

Demo Code

Not all the documentation at is up to date, so the best way to get the latest is read the source code and tests and javadoc.

I have created short demonstrations of how to do various things with the API - these are supplements to reading the Disruptor unit tests. I find some of the unit tests with various Mock objects adding to the noise in trying to follow how to do this.

My demos are not unit tests - they are simple demos with println statements and you can analyze the println output with the code to see how to do something.

Build and run

There is an Ant build file. The only requirement is that you copy the disruptor-2.7.jar to the lib directory created by the Ant build file (or make a symlink to it). There are no other dependencies, other than Java 6.


Since the Disruptor is named after the main ship's weapon of the Klingon Empire (, this project includes the Klingon word Daj, which means 'test'. I tried looking up the Klingon word for 'demonstration', but couldn't find one.


More will be coming later, including more complicated applications with it.

-Michael Peterson

November 2011