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Configuration options can be passed as AngularTokenOptions via forRoot().

Default Configuration

  imports: [
      apiBase:                    null,
      apiPath:                    null,

      signInPath:                 'auth/sign_in',
      signInRedirect:             null,
      signInStoredUrlStorageKey:  null,

      signOutPath:                'auth/sign_out',
      validateTokenPath:          'auth/validate_token',
      signOutFailedValidate:      false,

      registerAccountPath:        'auth',
      deleteAccountPath:          'auth',
      registerAccountCallback:    window.location.href,

      updatePasswordPath:         'auth',
      resetPasswordPath:          'auth/password',
      resetPasswordCallback:      window.location.href,

      oAuthBase:                  window.location.origin,
      oAuthPaths: {
          github:                 'auth/github'
      oAuthCallbackPath:          'oauth_callback',
      oAuthWindowType:            'newWindow',
      oAuthWindowOptions:         null,

      userTypes?:                 null,
      loginField?:                string;

Path options

Option Description
apiBase?: string Sets the server for all API calls.
apiPath?: string Sets base path all operations are based on
signInPath?: string Sets path for sign in
signInRedirect?: string Sets redirect path for failed CanActivate
signOutPath?: string Sets path for sign out
validateTokenPath?: string Sets path for token validation
registerAccountPath?: string Sets path for account registration
deleteAccountPath?: string Sets path for account deletion
updatePasswordPath?: string Sets path for password update
resetPasswordPath?: string Sets path for password reset
registerAccountCallback?: string Sets the path user are redirected to after email confirmation for registration
resetPasswordCallback?: string Sets the path user are redirected to after email confirmation for password reset

Library behaviour options

Option Description
signInStoredUrlStorageKey?: string Sets locale storage key to store URL before displaying signIn page
signOutFailedValidate?: boolean Signs user out when validation returns a 401 status
userTypes?: UserTypes[] Allows the configuration of multiple user types (see Multiple User Types)
loginField?: string Allows the ability to configure a custom login field. Defaults to 'email'

OAuth options

Options Description
oAuthPaths?: { [key:string]: string } Sets paths for sign in with OAuth
oAuthCallbackPath?: string Sets path for OAuth sameWindow callback
oAuthBase?: string Configure the OAuth server (used for backends on a different url)
oAuthWindowType?:string` Window type for Oauth authentication
oAuthWindowOptions?: { [key:string]: string } Set additional options to pass into

Further information on paths/routes can be found at devise token auth.

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