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Merge pull request #1346 from ianchesal/urltools

URL Tools Plugin
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commit 9ba2ab322528a59073250af3283f8c1b36b8a8cd 2 parents 73f7770 + a97e117
@robbyrussell robbyrussell authored
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9 plugins/urltools/urltools.plugin.zsh
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+# URL Tools
+# Adds handy command line aliases useful for dealing with URLs
+# Taken from:
+alias urlencode='python -c "import sys, urllib as ul; print ul.quote_plus(sys.argv[1])"'
+alias urldecode='python -c "import sys, urllib as ul; print ul.unquote_plus(sys.argv[1])"'
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