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PCL-Cropbox Filter

Usage: pcl_cropbox_filter <input_file.pcd> rosrun perception pcl_cropbox_filter cam_1.pcd -0.5 -0.135 -0.5 2 6 2.3 rosrun perception pcl_cropbox_filter cam_2.pcd -0.8 -0.2 0.5 0.5 0.5 2.5

PCL-Outlier Filter

Usage pcl_outlier_filter <cloud.pcd> rosrun perception pcl_outlier_filter cam_1_cropbox_filtered.pcd rosrun perception pcl_outlier_filter cam_2_cropbox_filtered.pcd


Usage pcl_initial_transform <input_file.pcd> rosrun perception pcl_initial_transformation cam_1_cropbox_filtered_outlier_filtered.pcd

Iterative Closest Point

Usage pcl_ICP_nonlinear <cloud_1.pcd> <cloud_2.pcd> rosrun perception pcl_ICP_nonlinear cam_1_cropbox_filtered_outlier_filtered_transformed.pcd cam_2_cropbox_filtered_outlier_filtered.pcd

Working Procedure

Apply Passthrough filter with Z Distance of 2.2 on cam_1

rosrun perception pcl_passthrough_filter cam_2.pcd 2.2

Apply Passthrough filter with Z Distance of 2 on cam_2

rosrun perception pcl_passthrough_filter cam_1.pcd 2

Apply Outlier filter on both camera images

rosrun perception pcl_outlier_filter cam_1_passthrough_filtered_z2.pcd rosrun perception pcl_outlier_filter cam_2_passthrough_filtered_z2.2.pcd

Perform initial transformation X-rotation -45° - Z-rotation 180° on cam_1

rosrun perception pcl_initial_transformation cam_1_passthrough_filtered_z2_outlier_filtered.pcd

Perform nonlinear ICP

rosrun perception pcl_ICP_nonlinear cam_1_passthrough_filtered_z2_outlier_filtered_transformed.pcd cam_2_passthrough_filtered_z2.2_outlier_filtered.pcd

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