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altercation committed May 2, 2011
2 parents ce8a43a + 2b30f61 commit 87211275bba9c08b6b37b16a97fe3eac959b6eb7
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  1. +12 −5 vim-colors-solarized/colors/solarized.vim
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
" (see this url for latest release & screenshots)
" License: OSI approved MIT license (see end of this file)
" Created: In the middle of the night
-" Modified: 2011 May 01
+" Modified: 2011 May 02
" Usage "{{{
@@ -638,15 +638,22 @@ exe "hi! DiffChange" .s:fmt_revr .s:fg_yellow .s:bg_none
exe "hi! DiffDelete" .s:fmt_revr .s:fg_red .s:bg_none
exe "hi! DiffText" .s:fmt_revr .s:fg_blue .s:bg_none
elseif (g:solarized_diffmode=="low")
-exe "hi! DiffAdd" .s:fmt_curl .s:fg_green .s:bg_none .s:sp_green
-exe "hi! DiffChange" .s:fmt_curl .s:fg_yellow .s:bg_none .s:sp_yellow
+exe "hi! DiffAdd" .s:fmt_undr .s:fg_green .s:bg_none .s:sp_green
+exe "hi! DiffChange" .s:fmt_undr .s:fg_yellow .s:bg_none .s:sp_yellow
exe "hi! DiffDelete" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_red .s:bg_none
-exe "hi! DiffText" .s:fmt_curl .s:fg_blue .s:bg_none .s:sp_blue
+exe "hi! DiffText" .s:fmt_undr .s:fg_blue .s:bg_none .s:sp_blue
else " normal
+ if has("gui_running")
exe "hi! DiffAdd" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_green .s:bg_base02 .s:sp_green
exe "hi! DiffChange" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_yellow .s:bg_base02 .s:sp_yellow
exe "hi! DiffDelete" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_red .s:bg_base02
exe "hi! DiffText" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_blue .s:bg_base02 .s:sp_blue
+ else
+exe "hi! DiffAdd" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_green .s:bg_base02 .s:sp_green
+exe "hi! DiffChange" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_yellow .s:bg_base02 .s:sp_yellow
+exe "hi! DiffDelete" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_red .s:bg_base02
+exe "hi! DiffText" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_blue .s:bg_base02 .s:sp_blue
+ endif
exe "hi! SignColumn" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_base0
exe "hi! Conceal" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_blue .s:bg_none
@@ -955,7 +962,7 @@ if exists("g:loaded_solarized_menu")
let g:loaded_solarized_menu = 1
-if g:colors_name == "solarized"
+if g:colors_name == "solarized" && g:solarized_menu != 0
amenu &Solarized.&Contrast.&Low\ Contrast :let g:solarized_contrast="low" \| colorscheme solarized<CR>
amenu &Solarized.&Contrast.&Normal\ Contrast :let g:solarized_contrast="normal" \| colorscheme solarized<CR>

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