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American Jokes


Send a pull request

Send me a pull request with your joke.

  • File name: The file should be named {{id}}.txt in /db directory, where {{id}} is auto-incremental since the last.
  • Meta data: Specify Author, Copyright, and Link in meta data area. Use \n----\n to separate meta data and joke text. You better post the joke on Twitter so you have a link.
  • Joke text: Write in Markdown.

Remember, no CRLF, no \n\n\n.

You may see /db/0.txt for example.


These jokes may each be copyrighted, but I claim no copyright to the compilation of these jokes.

See metadata section of each joke for their copyright declarations.

By contributing a joke to this website, you agree to swear that the joke, which you submit, belongs to you, belongs to the public domain, or is properly authorized by its copyright holder to be submitted here. You take the full responsibility of submitting such jokes and hereby forfeit your right, if applicable, to claim my liability in case of copyright infringement.