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Official NERVA (XNV) documentation
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Official NERVA documentation (

Copyright (c) 2019 The NERVA Project


All you need to help us write the docs is a basic knowledge of the Markdown formatting language, which is easy to learn. To contribute you'll need to fork this repository, make your desired changes and then submit a pull request to merge those changes. If you aren't familiar with this process, feel free to ask for help on Discord:

Contributions may not immediately appear on the website, as the docs must first be rebuilt (into HTML) via mkdocs. The generated HTML is located in the gh-pages branch.

Building the docs locally

Set environment variable MKDOCS_GIT_COMMITTERS_APIKEY to your GitHub personal access token.

$ pip install mkdocs mkdocs-git-committers-plugin
$ git clone
$ cd nerva-docs
$ git clone
$ mkdocs build
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