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  • New features
    • Add NervesKey.put_settings/2 and NervesKey.get_settings/1 to support storing and retrieving a small map on a NervesKey. This is useful for data that travels with certificates and settings that don't change much.


  • New features

    • Add NervesKey.detected?/1 to check whether a NervesKey is actually installed.
  • Bug fixes

    • Clear out the entire auxiliary certificate slots to avoid any confusion for whether the certificates are present.


  • New features
    • Add helper functions for detecting and clearing out auxiliary certificates


  • New features
    • Add helper for provisioning NervesKeys using a default serial number


  • New features
    • Support a auxiliary device certificate that can be updated after the provisioning step. This supports use cases where the provisioning certificate's private key isn't available or won't work.
    • Add provisioned?/1 to quickly check whether a device has been provisioned


  • New features

    • Support setting signer key expiration dates
    • Add a convenience method for getting the manufacturing serial number
  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed configuration compatibility checking - Thanks to Peter Marks for this fix.


  • Bug fixes
    • Lock the private key slot so that a genkey can't replace its contents


  • Bug fixes
    • Fix signature failure issues by encoding the raw public key before constructing the subject_key_id and authority_key_id for calls to NervesKey.signer_cert/1 and NervesKey.device_cert/1


Initial release

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