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Nerves v0.5.0

  • Bug Fixes
    • :nocache the HTTP provider if the download list is empty
    • return an error when tar is unsuccessful at decompressing an artifact
    • return :error for any error in downloading artifacts
    • clean up temp files after downloading artifacts
    • expand path before comparing for dep type: Fixes path deps in umbrella
    • clean up artifact dir before copying new artifact
  • Enhancements
    • changed console output for higher visibility Nerves compiler messages
    • added ability to specify the images_path in the Mix.Project config
    • changed default images_path to #{build_path}/nerves/images
    • updated docs to reflect changes made to project structure
    • added mix nerves.info task. Can be used to gain information about the Nerves env

Nerves.Bootstrap v0.3.0

  • Enhancements
    • nerves.new
      • defaults to Host target env
      • includes nerves_runtime
      • prompt to install deps and run nerves.release.init
      • unset MIX_TARGET when generating a new project
  • Bug Fixes
    • removed rel/.gitignore from new project generator