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A compiler for scss, js and asset sync, built with npm scripts.
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A compiler for scss, js and assets, built with npm scripts.


First you'll need yarn or npm. Once installed, git clone this repo and open the dir in your terminal. You can then run yarn or npm install to grab all dependencies, this shouldn't take more than a few minutes.


To run a task, in terminal run yarn [task name] or npm [task name].

  • watch is for development, it runs a relevant task when you make changes to source files. It compiles js and scss, and copies images, svgs and fonts to the public folder. Livereload is also included.

  • build is for production, it runs all tasks in sequence. It will compile js & scss, minify images & svgs and copy fonts to the public folder.

  • dev will run once like build. It compiles css and js, copies fonts and assets over to the output folder without running any minification.

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