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Java SDK for CKB
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Build Status

Java SDK for Nervos CKB.


  • Java 8
  • Gradle 5.0 or later


You can generate the jar and import manually.

git clone
gradle shadowJar  // ./gradlew shadowJar 

A console-{version}-all.jar package will be generated, which you can put into your project to develop with it.



You can make JSON-RPC request to your CKB node URL with this SDK. Below are some examples:

CkbService ckbService = HttpService("your-ckb-node-url"));

// using RPC `get_tip_block_number`, it will return the latest block number
BigInteger blockNumber = ckbService.getTipBlockNumber().send().getBlockNumber();

// using RPC `get_block_hash` with block number as parameter, it will return block hash
String blockNumber = "0"
String blockHash = ckbService.getBlockHash(blockNumber).send().getBlockHash();

// using RPC `get_block` with block hash as parameter, it will return block object
Block block = ckbService.getBlock(blockHash).send().getBlock();

You can see more JSON-RPC requests from RPC Document


You can generate ckb address through this SDK as below:

There are many address generating methods, and this is just an example.

// Generate ckb testnet address
AddressUtils utils = new AddressUtils(Network.TESTNET);

// Generate public key from private key through SECP256K1
String publicKey =

String address = utils.generate(publicKey);


We use Google Java Code Format and follow Google Checkstyle for development.

If verifyGoogleJavaFormat FAILED happens when you build this project, please format your code with Google Java Code Format or execute ./gradlew goJF on macOS and Linux, or gradlew goJF on Windows.

If you use IntelliJ IDEA to develop, you can install google-java-format plugin to format code automatically.


The SDK is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.


See CHANGELOG for more information.

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