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@doitian doitian released this Jun 1, 2019

  • Code Name: rylai-v2
  • Genesis Hash: 0xeb897810b75a922309d748c0d16e7a980e0de1cc0ba0e0e3e3bda6f2e03cbc1b
  • Launch Time: 2019-06-01 UTC 6:00 AM
  • End Time: 2019-06-15 UTC 5:00 AM

Ensure you are running the correct node by checking the genesis hash in the log output.


OS Arch Runtime Dependencies Package Sign
macOS x64 zip PGP
Linux x64 glibc, libstdc++ tarball PGP
CentOS x64 glibc, libstdc++, openssl tarball PGP
Docker dockerhub

* Windows support is experimental.

Changes since v0.12.0


  • #762: Live cell block hash (@keroro520)

    This is a breaking change: b:rpc

    • Return block_hash for get_cells_by_lock_hash
    • Add make gen-doc command
  • #841: Apply tx_pool limit (@zhangsoledad)

    This is a breaking change: b:cli, b:rpc

    1. apply tx_pool limit
    2. tx size verify, enforce tx size below block size limit


    config ckb.toml

    - max_pool_size = 10000
    - max_orphan_size = 10000
    - max_proposal_size = 10000
    - max_cache_size = 1000
    - max_pending_size = 10000
    - txs_verify_cache_size = 100000
    + max_mem_size = 20_000_000 # 20mb
    + max_cycles = 200_000_000_000
    + max_verfify_cache_size = 100_000

    rpc tx_pool_info

    + "total_tx_cycles": "2",
    + "total_tx_size": "156",
  • #890: Revise remainder reward rule (@zhangsoledad)

    This is a breaking change: b:consensus

  • #876: Tweak consensus params (@zhangsoledad)

    This is a breaking change: b:consensus

  • #889: Add codename in version (@doitian)

  • #854: Calculate median time by tracing parents (@keroro520)

    At present, the way calculating the passed median time is that collects block timestamps one by one by block_number. This PR change to collects blocks timestamps by tracing parents. The new way is more robust.

    In addition to this, I use assert-style to rewrite the calculation of passed median time.

  • #859: Use snappy to compress large messages (@driftluo)

    This is a breaking change: b:p2p

    On the test net monitoring, the bandwidth usage is often in a full state. We try to use the snappy compression algorithm to reduce network transmission consumption.

    After testing, the compression yield of flatbuffer format is very high, cpu consumption is relatively acceptable.

    The following is the data transmission on the test net:

    2019-05-20 16:27:41.875 +08:00 tokio-runtime-worker-7 DEBUG compress  raw_data len: 625400, compress used time: 3.635121ms, compress_data size: 335401, compression ratio: 0.536298369043812, decompress used time: 1.496667ms
    2019-05-20 16:27:42.128 +08:00 tokio-runtime-worker-6 DEBUG compress  raw_data len: 633544, compress used time: 3.789752ms, compress_data size: 335462, compression ratio: 0.5295007134468955, decompress used time: 1.490144ms
    2019-05-20 16:27:42.340 +08:00 tokio-runtime-worker-6 DEBUG compress  raw_data len: 633216, compress used time: 3.998678ms, compress_data size: 333458, compression ratio: 0.5266101930462906, decompress used time: 1.593165ms
    2019-05-20 16:27:42.558 +08:00 tokio-runtime-worker-5 DEBUG compress  raw_data len: 632992, compress used time: 3.453616ms, compress_data size: 333552, compression ratio: 0.5269450482786512, decompress used time: 1.052606ms
    2019-05-20 16:27:42.740 +08:00 tokio-runtime-worker-2 DEBUG compress  raw_data len: 633760, compress used time: 1.256847ms, compress_data size: 340022, compression ratio: 0.5365154001514769, decompress used time: 545.473µs
    2019-05-20 16:37:43.934 +08:00 tokio-runtime-worker-1 DEBUG compress  raw_data len: 186912, compress used time: 659.317µs, compress_data size: 42640, compression ratio: 0.22812874507789763, decompress used time: 515.287µs
    2019-05-20 16:37:47.338 +08:00 tokio-runtime-worker-3 DEBUG compress  raw_data len: 186520, compress used time: 189.079µs, compress_data size: 42334, compression ratio: 0.22696761741368218, decompress used time: 150.644µs
    2019-05-20 16:37:50.729 +08:00 tokio-runtime-worker-3 DEBUG compress  raw_data len: 186520, compress used time: 197.656µs, compress_data size: 42336, compression ratio: 0.22697834012438345, decompress used time: 145.5µs
    2019-05-20 16:38:52.549 +08:00 tokio-runtime-worker-4 DEBUG compress  raw_data len: 95904, compress used time: 217.968µs, compress_data size: 33801, compression ratio: 0.3524461961961962, decompress used time: 95.818µs
    2019-05-20 16:39:32.522 +08:00 tokio-runtime-worker-0 DEBUG compress  raw_data len: 47320, compress used time: 418.183µs, compress_data size: 17183, compression ratio: 0.363123415046492, decompress used time: 252.148µs

    Note that this is a break change, the data is modified as follows:

    By default, data above 40k enters compressed mode.

    From the current point of view, the high bit 1 is the compressed format and the high bit 0 is the uncompressed format.

    If you want to support multiple compression formats in the future, you can simply think that 0b1000 is in snappy format and 0b0000 is in uncompressed format.

     # Message in Bytes:
     | Bytes | Type | Function                                       |
     |   0   |  u1  | Compress: true 1, false 0                      |
     |       |  u7  | Reserved                                       |
     |  1~   |      | Payload (Serialized Data with Compress)        |
  • #921: Upgrade CKB VM to latest version (@xxuejie)

    This upgrade contains the following changes:


    Bug fixes


Bug Fixes

  • #812: Prof should respect script config (@xxuejie)

  • #810: Discard invalid orphan blocks (@keroro520)

    When accepts a new block, its descendants should be accepted too if valid. So if an error occurs when we try to accept its descendants, the descendants are invalid.

  • #850: Ensure EBREAK has proper cycle set (@xxuejie)

    This is a breaking change: b:consensus

    This is a bug reported by @yangby-cryptape. Right now we didn't assign proper cycles for EBREAK, which might lead to potential bugs.

  • #886: Integration test cycle calc (@zhangsoledad)

  • fix: Cuckoo cycle verification bug (@yangby-cryptape)


  • #832: peer_store db::PeerInfoDB interface (@jjyr)
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