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Archive of Mass ENvironmental Data Site

The Archive of Mass ENvironmental Data (AMEND) is a project to assemble and analyze data related to environmental regulation, focused on water policy in Massachusetts.

The website for the project can be viewed here.

This git repository contains code for data acquisition (see get_data subdirectory), analysis (see analysis subdirectory), and the jekyll site for this project (see docs subdirectory).

You can run the single convenience script (for bash) to (re)generate all content associated with the site.

Hosting the site

The python3 scripts in this repository automatically feed content to a static website generated with jekyll. The website is hosted via GitHub Pages or can be run locally with the proper Ruby configuration.

Python dependencies

Several python3 packages are required to execute the scripts needed to generate this website:

  • BeautifulSoup4-4.7.1
  • census-0.8.13
  • folium-0.8.3
  • lxml-4.3.2
  • matplotlib-3.0.2
  • numpy-1.16.2
  • pandas-0.24.2
  • pystan-
  • requests-2.21.0
  • scipy-1.2.1
  • shapely-1.6.4.post1
  • sodapy-1.5.2
  • sqlalchemy-1.3.1
  • unidecode-1.0.23
  • us-1.0.0

Other tools used

  • chart.js was used to generate interactive charts for the website.

  • Leaflet for interactive map display.

  • MapShaper was used to convert MA's Office of Geographic Information (MassGIS) shapefiles (Towns, Watersheds) into a simplified geo-json format for web display.

  • sql.js is used to enable interactive querying of the site's integrated database.

  • Tabula was used to extract tables from PDF files.


Collection of environmental regulatory data and analysis focused on water policy in Massachusetts



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