@nesbox nesbox released this Aug 24, 2018 · 159 commits to master since this release

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version 0.70.5 (https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/milestone/24?closed=1)


  • GL3 shader error bug #678
  • Wiki command does nothing on Android bug #659
  • Caps Lock not working bug #661
  • Keyboard mappings broken! bug #655
  • Re-enable tumbler mouse clicks bug #688 (thank you @db0z)
  • Gently clicking the right side on the Code Editor scrolls the entire screen while using the small font bug #682
  • Add config flag to make tiny font default editors enhancement #666
  • When using Wren, sync() writes data to cart instead of restoring it bug #673
  • #673 #684 fix (sync() with no arguments in wren) (thank you @db0z)
  • The file system doesn't work in 0.70.1 bug #664
  • Music editor stucks on the last note bug #662
Aug 25, 2018
prepare to 0.70.5
Aug 24, 2018
prepare to 0.70.3
Aug 23, 2018
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@nesbox nesbox released this Aug 12, 2018 · 201 commits to master since this release

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version 0.70.1 (https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/milestone/23?closed=1)


  • added own touch keyboard on Android
  • added alternative tiny font, you can use it in the Code Editor or in the API
  • added Wren language support http://wren.io (thank you @RudenkoArts)
  • added Fennel language support https://fennel-lang.org (thank you @technomancy)
  • added eval command (thank you @technomancy)
  • added CRT monitor effect, use F6 to enable/disable it (works on every platform supported OpenGL)
  • removed VSYNC support, using delay instead, so TIC should work on monitors > 60Hz without sound desync
  • added stack trace on an error (thank you @jahodfra)
  • fixed selection flipping in the Sprite Editor (thank you @frenetic)
  • use CTRL+PGUP/PGDN to switch modes (thank you @technomancy)
  • added Quit TIC-80 to the game menu
  • added -uiscale command line argument (UI_SCALE in the config)
  • added menu to build.sh script (thank you @matimati433)
  • added Travis Continuous Integration service
  • fixed UV errors, clipping and some improvements in textri api (thank you MonstersGoBoom)
  • fixed error on startup in Firefox
  • SDL2 lib extracted as a separated entity

you can review full changelog here https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/milestone/23?closed=1

Thanks all for the support and Pull Requests.

I hope next update will be released earlier than a half year :)

@nesbox nesbox released this Dec 24, 2017 · 328 commits to stable since this release

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version 0.60.3 (https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/milestone/22?closed=1)


  • Persistent Memory (PMEM) moved from 80K RAM layout and has 1KB now (you can store up to 256 integers). Freed space (28 bytes) used to store data for 4 gamepads + mouse XY and buttons + keyboard
  • added keyboard support (use key() / keyp() API)
  • you can use mouse / gamepad / keyboard simultaneously, and you can use up to 4 gamepads
  • removed KEYMAP command, you can configure gamepad mapping in the GAME MENU
  • you will see SYNC label (synchronization error) if your game doesn't fit 60 FPS (only native, doesn't work in web version)
  • mouse pointer disappears in games that don't support it (in games with declared -- input: gamepad or -- input: keyboard)
  • mirror/rotate selection in the Sprite Editor
  • SDL updated 2.0.7


  • added optimisations for main render function and some draw API, like draw spr, circ and tri, now they > 2x faster (by @jahodfra)
  • added special Overlap Mode (OVR), it allows you to do things like this:
    ... here I draw BG in TIC() function and change palette and screen offset in scanline() callback, then I draw Ship sprite in OVR() function as though it will be on a separate layer
  • added -skip command line option to run TIC without startup animation
  • added -fullscreen command line option to run in Fullscreen
  • added shadow variable to the Config to hide shadow in the Code Editor
  • you can exit infinite loop in Lua and JS by pressing ESC now
  • added reset() API, to restore your game to initial state
  • syntax highlighter in the Code Editor was totally rewritten and works 100x faster now
  • [PRO feature] added Bank Switching, for people who want to create a really big game, you can switch between 8 banks in Runtime using sync() API, you can do it only one time per frame for tiles, sprites, map, sfx, music, info here https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/wiki/sync#parameters
  • fixed keyboard focus on Android
  • fixed selected deletion in Sprite Editor (by @frenetic)
  • Sprite and Map editors render in OVR mode now (UI is not changed at all if change palette)
  • added random generator pre-seeding on every game start
  • and other minor fixes...

Thanks for contributions:

and others, for the bug reports!

Jan 11, 2018
Merge branch 'master' into stable
Dec 24, 2017
.60 beta build
Nov 28, 2017
Merge branch 'master' into stable

@nesbox nesbox released this Nov 28, 2017 · 553 commits to stable since this release

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version 0.50.1 (https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/milestone/21?closed=1)


  • you can define cart storage directory as first parameter in command line, tic80 . will use current directory as storage, tic80 ../path/to/cart.tic will use ../path/to/ as storage and load cart.tic
  • added PRO version of TIC, you can get it here for $5 https://nesbox.itch.io/tic, or build yourself using make linux-pro for example
  • added text version of carts and you can edit it in any editor, use 'save cart.lua' to get text version of your cart [PRO feature]
  • optimised spr() function performance (got 20000 points in benchmark, 13000 was before)
  • tic renamed to tic80
  • sync() api has new direction parameter, true -> sync from RAM to cart, false -> sync from cart to RAM (useful to restore cart data in the RAM)
  • you can paste sigle color value in the palette editor
  • added benchmark.tic cart to demos
  • run tic80 -surf to start in SURF mode
  • run tic80 -nosound to start in silent mode
  • run tic80 -fullscreen to start in fullscreen mode
  • makefile flags to build with LTO (link time optimisation)
  • added 1px shadow to text in the Code Editor
  • updated makefile to build on any version of Linux (Arch/RPi/...)
  • added edit command to show editors
  • added version command
  • added RETINA support on MacOSX


  • pix() api color bounds
  • warning message emits a tone on unsaved cart
  • sprites export with wrong palette
  • scanline position and border, all render to one texture 256x144px
  • fixed live reload
  • fixed some crashes
  • removed some compilation warnings
  • XYUV's switched to floats in textri(), also fixed crash

Thanks for contributions: