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  1. PSLIB
  2. UI Library TICuare
  3. Collision Detection
  4. Make Gradient
  5. Pico2Tic
  6. LZW Image Compression
  7. FC-RLE: RLE Image Compression
  8. LZW compression(JavaScript)


All kind of particles

UI Library TICuare

Build great user interfaces, based on Uare

Collision Detection

Lua collision-detection library for axis-aligned rectangles

Make Gradient

A library that will allow you to create color gradients easily. Details in the first comment. As a side bonus, you also get rgb/hsv conversion routines and lerp function since it requires these to work.
Make Gradient library


PICO-8 API Wrapper for the TIC-80

LZW Image Compression

Compress image and store it as string. Decompress in Lua.

FC-RLE: RLE Image Compression

Compress an image and store it as a string in run-length encoding. Decompress it in game with a few small helper functions. fc-rle

LZW compression js

Javascript implementation of LZW compress and decompress algorithm. Copyright (C) 2009 Mark Lomas LZW compress

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