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On this page you will find various tutorial by the community for TIC-80. If you have written a tutorial you'd like to share, please add it to the list below.

Tutorial Language Author Screenshot
Simple Platformer tutorial Lua @trelemar
Snake Clone tutorial Lua @trelemar
Snake Clone by @trelemar using Wren Wren @clsource
Camera tutorial Lua @trelemar
Complete platformer tutorial Lua @btco_code
A retro FPS tutorial Lua @btco_code
Complete breakout clone tutorial Lua @digitsensitive
Breakout clone by @digitsensitive using Wren Wren @clsource
Intro to Game Programming in TIC-80 Lua @BearThorne
Sprites and Maps - @BearThorne
Using mset() and mget() Lua @BearThorne
Simple Collision Detection Lua @BearThorne
Spawning and Managing objects Lua @BearThorne
Grid-Based Camera Movement Lua @BearThorne
Making Realtime Minimaps Lua @BearThorne
Building A Menu Lua @BearThorne
Title Graphics for Non-Artists - @BearThorne
Handling Mouse/Touch Events Lua @BearThorne
Auto Tileset Mapping Lua @BearThorne
Level Generation꞉ Drunk Walk Lua @BearThorne
Level Generation꞉ Random Point Lua @BearThorne
Pathfinding꞉ BFS Algorithm Lua @BearThorne
Pathfinding꞉ GBF Algorithm Lua @BearThorne
Building a racing game #1: Fun With Vectors Lua @msx80
Building a racing game #2: Driving Model Lua @msx80
A Step-by-step Introduction to TIC-80, Part 1: The Default Cart Lua Borb
Conway's Game of Life Tutorial Lua @triko88
Accessing carts from multiple computers - Borb
A step by step introduction to TIC 80, Part 2: Workflow - Borb
Free movement Top down game JavaScript @00Her0
Raycast 3D FPS game Lua @wojciech-graj
How to make Text Box Lua @ATS_xp
Splitting a TIC 80 project into multiple files - Borb
How to make Scene Manager Lua @ATS_xp
Platform Engine Lua @morokiane
daves84 Nanobrd Fennel @parlortricks
daves84 Nanostack Fennel @parlortricks
Console program example Lua @dcaillia