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#GraphQL: From Zero to Scala

Jérémie Astori (astorije)


APIs are great! But what if your APIs were coming with a type system? What if your APIs were so predictable that versioning them was history? What if consumers of your APIs could get exactly what they want at every request? Let's discover GraphQL and its implementation in Scala: Sangria.


GraphQL is a query language and a type system for APIs open sourced by Facebook. That's right, a type system for APIs! It is meant to address issues commonly faced when implementing or consuming REST APIs, and brings concepts to API queries that have been at the core of software development for years: functions, interfaces, reusable components, etc.

In this talk, we will first explore what GraphQL is and how it compares to REST. Then we will see how Sangria (the Scala implementation of GraphQL) and Akka HTTP can be used together to build a GraphQL API in no time. Finally, we will test and run GraphQL queries using GraphiQL, and we'll do it live!


I am new to the Scala scene (and to giving talks!) but a passionate developer and tech enthusiast. After meeting the great minds behind GraphQL several times, and attending NEScala in awe in the past, I have decided to try my chances this year!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter or get in touch with me through my website.


I am a software developer coming from the country that brought you fries and the Statue of Liberty. I live in Boston where I currently work for CloudHealth Technologies and previously at W3C (MIT).

I used to run bi-weekly coding nights at the Boston Area Scala Enthusiasts meetup which were a lot of fun, according to myself! I also like to contribute to open source projects, including some that I maintain. You can find out about them on my GitHub profile.