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#Property-based Testing with ScalaCheck by Example

Kevin Meredith (Gentmen)



This talk discusses and demos property-based testing. After providing a high-level overview of what it is and its benefits, the talk will demo the application of ScalaCheck on a simple data structure.


Although types detect errors, serve as documentation, and provide abstraction*, "I want to use every possible tool to help me design, verify, and troubleshoot my code" (!

In this presentation, I will walk through the benefits of property-driven tests.

Finally, I will demo the application of property-based tests, using ScalaCheck, on a simple data structure.

  • Types and Programming Languages, Dr. Benjamin Pierce



I've been working with Scala professionally since late 2013. Primarily, I've developed web services on the server/platform side. Also, I've built a Domain Specific Language at work using Scala's parser-combinator library.

In late 2015 I co-organized Miami Scala Enthusiasts. I've presented the following topics at this meetup:

Currently, I'm learning shapeless and Idris.