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Super Simple CMS
A Ruby on Rails CMS

The idea behind this CMS is that you just plug it in and its ready to go.  It isn't meant to be a full on CMS that you might use to power big end sites, but rather to deal with brochureware on sites that you are building a more extensive application for.  

This plugin is on github and I'm encouraging everyone and anyone to please modify it, make it better than I can!




How to use it

The basis of the plugin is really that you shouldn't need to do anything to your app to make it work other than a few lines here and there.  You need to generate the migration to create the table for the CMS:

ruby script/generate super_simple_cms

After this, while it is not necessary, if you want the help of the textile editor helper then I recommend that you do:
rake super_simple_cms::install to copy over all the assets (javascript, css, and images) necessary for the Textile Editor Helper to work.

Finally, you need to setup your routes, just add the following to your config/routes.rb file and you should be set.


You're now ready to run some Super Simple CMSing, point your browser to the following address and start making some pages!

Add a couple pages, or groups and you should be set and ready to go!  You can click on a group to reorder the links or reorder the groups themselves.

Enjoy the simplicity!


You have some methods available to you that might help out.

To have your links automatically generated just put the following in your menu area and it will generate links wrapped in <li>'s.
<%= super_simple_cms_links %>

You can also use a couple of fancy helpers:

<%= super_simple_main_links %>
<%= super_simple_sub_links %>

It should be rather obvious that one will generate the main links, or the groups themselves the other will generate the pages from the currently selected group.  You can add a couple extras to both of those (:class=>"class_name", :element=>'div')

:class -- this will specify the css class for the element
:element -- this will let you decide what html element to wrap it in, if none is specified it will default to li

This will first put all the pages out for the FIRST group (according to its position), and then add a link for every group that has at least one page in it.  In other words, by default, you must have at LEAST one group.  If you delete a group that has child pages, all those pages will also be deleted.

The order of your routes matter.  If you map a root page above map.super_simple_cms then super simple won't automatically route your first page.  This is on purpose since I didn't always want to have to use the CMS's home page, but if you want to map a different root path, just make sure you put it above the CMS's routing.

You also have access to the named routes added by the CMS, for example, you can have:

view_page_path('my-page') which would create a link to a page with the permalink of 'my-page'.

To add a link to the admin side of the site just use:

To see the rest of the routes added by Super Simple CMS just rake routes and enjoy!


I copied Comatose's way of setting up configuration because I liked it, it worked really well and it just seemed like a great way to go, so here it is:  (big thanks to Matt McCray!)

SuperSimpleCms.configure do |config|
  config.admin_authorization = :login_required


Because this was extracted out of a currently in place system, this also means that I had already used other plugins to make my framework happen.  Rather than write my own, I decided to merge their functionality into my own plugin and I would like to give them thanks and recognize their own work in my application.

Textile Editor Helper:
Thanks to Dave Olsen and Chris Scharf, the original TEH plugin can be found at

Plugin Configuration:
I want to thank Matt McCray for his plugin configuration example which I extracted from Comatose.  Thanks for giving me a bit of direction in an area where I didn't know what else to do!

Copyright (c) 2008 Matthew Vincent, released under the MIT license