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Tests for the NeSI web portal

The tests are based on Selenium and lettuce (Python tool for Behavior Driven Development (BDD))


  • Python v2.6, v2.7

For installing the dependencies: pip

Install package dependencies

pip install -r requirements.pip

Configure tests

Edit features/terrain.py to configure

  • USER: User registered with the portal, who can log in
  • PASSWORD: Password of the user
  • BASE_URL: Base portal URL
  • GOLDWRAP_PROTOCOL: protocol (http, https)
  • GOLDWRAP_HOST: Name of the machine where goldwrap runs
  • GOLDWRAP_PORT: Port at which goldwrap listens
  • GOLDWRAP_BASE_PATH: Path where goldwrap is available
  • LOGIN_PATH: Path of the login page
  • ADD_PROPOSAL_PATH: Path of the page to create proposals
  • HPC_CALC_PATH: Path of the HPC calculator page
  • BROWSER: Browser to be used (default: webdriver.Firefox())
  • HEADLESS: If set to true the Browser is run in headless mode (default: False). TODO: describe dependencies
  • TIMEOUT: Max time to wait for text to appear on page or to find div elements on page (default: 60[s])

Run tests

Run 'lettuce' in the top-level folder to run all features. To run an individual feature, e.g. the login feature: 'lettuce features/nesi_login.feature' To run the first scenario of a feature, e.g. the login feature: 'lettuce features/nesi_login.feature 1'

Note: The command 'lettuce' is available after the dependencies are installed.

Understand what is tested and how to add test cases

The tests are defined in features/*.feature in the Gherkin language. As such they should be pretty straight-forward to read, and it should be relatively easy to add new test cases for the given scenarios by adding rows to the 'Examples' table of a scenario.