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Secwepemc Facebook

A Greasemonkey Userscript to alter Facebook to display words
in Secwepemctsin.

Greasemonkey scripts allow you to alter web pages in many different ways. We
are altering the website so that words in Facebook are in Secwepemctsin. How
do you say “What are you planning?” in Secwepemctsín or how do you say “News
Feed”? I’m still looking for words to translate. Some words will be hard like
“Privacy” or “Contributor”. When we get all of the Facebook interface
translated, Facebook will be another place we can be immersed in the language.

It would be good to be able to use the official Facebook Translations App, but Secwepemctsín isn’t listed. Until then, we can use this script.


1. You will need a browser with the ability to run Greasemonky Userscripts.
This includes:

2. Once you have one of the above browsers ready to run Userscripts. To install, click here.

3. Work your way to Facebook, and some of the text should be translated.

4. Enjoy Facebook in Secwepemctsín. Also check out First Voices and Secwepemctsnem for more language resources. There is also Land of the Shuswap.