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Board Game Arena (BGA) License

Developers producing software and associated documentation files 
(the "Software") to create a game adaptation on the BGA studio platform agree 
that the Software:
 - can be used on Board Game Arena (BGA) to run the game, with no limitations 
 - can be modified by BGA site administrators to fit the purpose of the site, to
 fix bugs or in the purpose of re-factoring;
 - can be freely reused and adapted by developers for other games on the BGA 
studio platform.

BGA will give credit to the developer of a published game through the game
description page, by referencing his BGA user name and his real name, unless the
 developer explicitly requests anonymity.

Developers can also publish the code they contributed under any licence they
have an interest in, as long as they include the following mention as a code
   “This code has been produced on the BGA studio platform for use on”.

All rights on the idea and graphics of a game stay with the licensor and 
author(s) respectively.