Juggernaut Recipe #1

vinioliveira opened this Issue Jun 26, 2011 · 1 comment


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Hi there!
I'm trying to use the Juggernaut Recipe but every time that I deploy the capistrano gets stuck with the juggernaut session. I think that should start juggernaut's session in background but this is not happening.

The log says that all the commands were executed and so get stucks on line like this :

25 Jun 21:29:36 - socket.io ready - accepting connections

Any thoughs ?!

Thanks for the attention.


nesquena commented Jun 26, 2011

Yeah the recipe was made for juggernaut 1. It almost surely doesnt work for juggernaut 2 (what exists now). If you can patch a working set of recipes for 2, please do let me know and ill merge it in.

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