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0.4.12 (1/05/2011)
* Fixes incorrect padding style on rendered code blocks (thanks chris kempson)
* Fixes encoding issues in markdown files
* Tag documents as utf-8 in meta for web frontend (thanks chris kempson)
0.4.11 (1/04/2011)
* Add line-height to code blocks in file displays
* Fixes various browser inconsistencies (thanks evan tatarka)
0.4.10 (12/30/2011)
* View revision history on the web front-end!
0.4.9 (12/30/2011)
* Adds configuration for web port in settings
* Adds support for 'add' and 'remove' shares in settings
0.4.8 (12/29/2011)
* Only encode to utf-8 on ruby 1.9.x
* Fixes so that settings form on the web front-end saves
* Cleanup the front-end directory listing significantly
* More robust EM reactor loop handling
0.4.7 (12/15/2011)
* Re-throw exceptions from reactor loop
* Socket testing moved to defer block
0.4.5, 0.4.6 (12/14/2011)
* Enables logs in ~/.gitdocs/log for easier debugging
* Fix issue with default sort order on web interface
* Fixes major mime type detection issues
* Fixes rendering issues
0.4.4 (12/14/2011)
* Lock to eventmachine 1.0
* Use mime-types over file for better platform support
* Remove signal handling and just leverage EM start/stop
* Adds table sorting and file+folder icons in web front-end
0.4.3 (12/13/2011)
* Javascript fixes for front-end
0.4.2 (12/13/2011)
* Fixes search on blank results case
0.4.1 (12/13/2011)
* Adds a basic search to web front-end
* Beginning of the work towards cross-platform notifications
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