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Collaborate on files and docs through a shared git repository. gitdocs will automatically push changes to the repo as well as pull in changes. This allows any git repo to be used as a collaborative task list or wiki for a team.

You can also start a web front-end allowing the repo to be viewed through the browser.


Install the gem:

gem install gitdocs

If you have Growl installed, you'll probably want to run brew install growlnotify to enable Growl support.


First add the doc folders to watch:

gitdocs add my/path/to/watch

You can remove and clear paths as well:

gitdocs rm my/path/to/watch
# or gitdocs clear

You need to startup gitdocs:

gitdocs start

If the start command doesn't seem to properly start the process, you can run with a debug flag:

gitdocs start -D

You can also stop and restart gitdocs as needed. Run

gitdocs status

for a helpful listing of the current state. Once gitdocs is started, simply start editing or adding files to your designated git repository. Changes will be automatically pushed and pulled to your local repo.

You can also have gitdocs fetch a remote repository with:

gitdocs create my/path/for/doc

This will clone the repo and add the path to your watched docs. Be sure to restart gitdocs to have path changes update:

gitdocs restart

To view the docs in your browser with file formatting:

gitdocs serve

and then visit http://localhost:8888 for access to all your docs in the browser.

Planned Features

  • A web UI for uploading, and editing text files (in addition to viewing)
  • Local-area peer-to-peer sync.
  • Click-to-share instant access granting.
  • Better conflict-resolution behavior (maintains both versions of a file)
  • Support for linux and windows (coming soon)
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