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0.6.15 (unreleased)


  • Fix RSpec under Rails 3, use render_views to test output (Thanks @agibralter)
  • Fix extends allows passing in local object when root object is specified


  • Small tweak to is_collection detection (look for each and map)
  • Adds include_child_root configuration option (Thanks @yoon)


  • Fix view_path options for renderer (Thanks @ivanvanderbyl and @route)
  • Only escape if data exists
  • Fix default object recognition for Rails 2.3.2
  • Adds root_object method on engine (Thanks @OliverLetterer)


  • Changes send to send (Thanks @alindeman)
  • Change object/collection checks to :map instead of :each
  • Adds support for auto-escaping attribute configuration (Thanks @databyte)
  • Adds support for configuration of view_paths (Thanks @ivanvanderbyl)
  • Fix issue with helpers caching check


  • Fixes expected behavior with nil and collection keyword
  • Fixes multi_json to support newer form syntax (Thanks @rajatvig)


  • Adds support for generic template rendering (Thanks @ivanvanderbyl)
  • Allow cache to be called with an explicit key (Thanks @databyte)


  • Fix Rails 3 resolution on Ruby < 1.9.2


  • Fix format to default to json in the event that it is a 'hash' (Thanks @databyte)
  • Support using cache keys within extended templates (Thanks @databyte)


  • Even more improvements to Rails template resolution (Thanks @databyte)
  • Added fixture integration tests for rendering rabl inline from html (Thanks @databyte)
  • Added useful note to README about Padrino (Thanks @simonc)


  • Fixed issue with multi_json version use ~> 1.0 (Thanks @sferik)


  • Further improvements to template path resolution for Rails (Thanks @radar)
  • Change multi_json to be > 1.1.0 to support 1.2.0 with Oj support (Thanks @jherdman)


  • Adds Rails 3.2 Integration Test
  • Much improved Rails template path resolution


  • Adds template caching support for Rails (Thanks @databyte)


  • Upgrade dependency to multi_json 1.1.0 (Thanks @geronimo)


  • Change engine to only instantiate one builder when rendering a collection
  • Alias to_msgpack to to_mpac
  • Cache template sources for faster partial lookups (thanks @cj)
  • Adds BSON format support (thanks @Antiarchitect)
  • Use template lookup mechanism to find templates in Rails 3 (thanks @blakewatters)
  • Adds a 'object_root' option to collection (thanks @blakewatters)
  • Adds a 'root_name' option to collection
  • Adds PList format support (thanks @alzeih)
  • Fixes infinite recursion in edge case calculating object root name
  • Fixes issue with nameless node that has an array result
  • Adds support for object_root => false (Thanks @Lytol)


  • Ensure ActionView is defined before registering Rails template handler (thanks cj)


  • Add better support for conditionals for child (thanks gregory)
  • Fix issue introduced with 'node' and properly clear options (thanks joshbuddy)


  • Use respond_to? instead of checking Enumerable for is_object
  • Performance optimization (thanks Eric Allen)


  • Adds comprehensive fixture suite (padrino,rails2,rails3,sinatra)
  • Travis CI Integration Testing
  • Cleanup json configuration and related tests (Thanks mschulkind)
  • Adds CHANGELOG to track changes
  • Adds optional MessagePack format support (thanks byu)
  • Explicit requires for ActiveSupport now in gemspec and lib
  • Adds template support for regular (non-ORM) ruby objects (thanks plukevdh)
  • Fixes bug with the child root not properly appearing in all cases
  • Better stack traces by tracking source location in instance_eval (thanks skade)
  • Fix issue with controller object detection failing in namespaces (thanks alunny)
  • Fix ruby -w warnings (thanks achiu)
  • Better partial implementation which passes options
  • Better fetch_source implementation for Padrino (thanks skade)
  • Better fetch_source implementation for Rails
  • Added fetch_source implementation for Sinatra
  • Lots of test refactorings / cleanup / improvement
  • Code block name is now optional [Thanks brentmurphy]


  • Use multi_json to handle JSON encoding (Thanks kossnocorp)
  • Fixes unit tests with hash order on 1.8.7


  • Fixes Rails 3.1 Compatibility (Thanks skyeagle)
  • Fixes Ruby 1.8.6 Compatibility (Thanks Don)
  • Adds much better riot unit testing (Thanks Achiu)
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