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Remove note about rails 3.2 because we know it works now

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@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ and run `bundle install` to install the dependency.
If you are using **Rails 2.X, Rails 3.X or Padrino**, RABL works without configuration.
**Important:** With Padrino, be sure that **the rabl gem is listed after the padrino gem in your Gemfile**, otherwise
-Rabl will not register as a template engine.
+Rabl will not register properly as a template engine.
With Sinatra, or any other tilt-based framework, simply register:
@@ -48,10 +48,6 @@ Rabl.register!
and RABL will be initialized and ready for use. For usage with Sinatra, check out
the [Sinatra Usage]( guide.
-**Note:** Users have reported a few rendering issues with Rails 3.2.
-The [template handler]( probably needs
-a patch to properly support Rails 3.2. Hopefully I can get to it soon but patches are welcome.
## Overview ##
You can use RABL to generate JSON and XML based APIs from any ruby object.

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