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Add conditional support to attribute #155

nesquena opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Add if support to attribute call


Want to add this on to Issue #216? Not sure what you meant.


The idea was to do:

attribute :foo, :if => lambda { ... } 

in case people need to apply conditionals to a collection:

collection @posts

attribute :foo, :if => lambda { |p| p.admin? }

I might have missed this, but would there be a clean way to apply a condition to a list (other than to spell them all out?)? I'm thinking in particular the case of nil attributes not writing out:

attribute :foo, :bar, :zot, :unless => lambda {|x, attributename| x.attributename.nil?}

I often have large JSON objects that I want to emit, but don't want a bunch of "field": null type results. Thoughts or pointers?

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This is fixed in recent versions

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