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Based on this commit in Resque, I think @steveklabnik has a valid point. On the "Big v1" update, should we remove another dependency?


I know that @headius has done a good job keeping JSON in JRuby, and @evanphx said that using JSON is the right thing for Rubinius, too.


Yeah it's a valid point, I could definitely see the value of removing that dep


I'm late to this party. The JSON gem is fine, but has hard-coded limitations on depth that other providers don't have. JrJackson would probably be the most optimized JSON lib for JRuby and has support in multi_json. multi_json has already been removed, but I wanted to comment on that for historical record.


multi_json has been gone for a while in favor of using oj.

@nesquena nesquena closed this Sep 3, 2013

oj has no working gem under JRuby, so I guess this means rabl won't work on JRuby anymore?


I anticipated that issue which is why if Oj is not loaded then it will fallback to using JSON directly: so it should still be working with RABL. In other words, if oj is loaded, rabl will use it but it doesn't require it.


Schweet, thanks.

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