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use has_attribute? as per #432

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The raise_on_missing_attribute seems not to be working. I only tested on rails 3.2.11

It seems the current behavior is respond_to? will always return true so has_attribute? is recommended.

I put this together very quickly. Let me know if further investigation or code is required.


I'm not sure this works considering that rabl is agnostic to ORM. I want rabl to work with every ORM and not just activerecord. Why would everything return true as if it responds, that doesn't make sense?


I corrected my commit it also needs the respond_to


@nesquena you are totally right it does not make sense. You can look at the last comment on rails/rails#4208. In AR the method does exist even if you did not fetch the attribute. @josevalim actually seems to agree the expected behavior should be that it does not respond to the method :@

Without this the raise_on_missing_attribute has no effect on Rails. Could there be an alternative?


Never mind my corrected commit does not work either. I fear this requires more complex logic. Back to the drawing board :(


The raise_on_missing_attribute option is very useful Rails just does not like it.


well AR actually

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@kidpollo kidpollo reopened this

Re opened @nesquena I came up with a Fugly hack that seems to works for now. I dont expect you will like this but are there other cases where you handle special cases for a ORM? :S


It feels too hacky for me to incorporate into rabl but feel free to use it as a fork. I don't know how to fix this but it seems more likely Rails will fix that weird behavior because it shouldn't be returning true for methods it doesn't respond to, thats crazy.


I agree


Thanks for taking the time to submit a patch though, I appreciate it. Sorry this came up, I'm hoping this is treated as a bug on their end and fixed.

@nesquena nesquena closed this
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  1. +9 −1 lib/rabl/builder.rb
10 lib/rabl/builder.rb
@@ -130,7 +130,15 @@ def resolve_condition(options)
# Checks if an attribute is present. If not, check if the configuration specifies that this is an error
# attribute_present?(created_at) => true
def attribute_present?(name)
- if @_object.respond_to?(name)
+ if defined?(Rails)
+ begin
+ @_object.send(name) and return true
+ rescue ActiveModel::MissingAttributeError
+ return false
+ end
+ end
+ if @_object.respond_to?(name)
return true
elsif Rabl.configuration.raise_on_missing_attribute
raise "Failed to render missing attribute #{name}"
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