An HTTP based interface to most common CA programs (OpenSSL, Bouncycastle, etc...)
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Certificate Authority Service BAsed on HTTP

The CASBaH project aims at creating a web service for browsing, issuing and revoking SSL certificates.

To compile the code

To build the CASBaH you'll need the following:

  • a copy of the source code, either from a distribution tarball or from the git repository
  • a Java 6 compliant compiler
  • Maven 2.1.0 or above

From the casbah-pom directory

mvn clean install will build all the project submodules a create a WAR file ready for deployment. The war file can be found either from your local maven repository or from the target directory of the casbah-ui sub-module.

To use CASBaH

As a Demo Server from WebStart

You can run the demo server as a WebStart application. The server will automatically create a directory called .casbah under your home directory and autoconfigure itself. If you prefer to have the data somewhere else have an environment variable called CASBAH_HOME point at your desired location.

You will still need:

  • a Java Runtime Environment 6 or higher
  • OpenSsl installed on your machine and available on the path.
  • A reasonably new browser

As a Demo Server from Compiled Code

Alternatively, if you have built the code on your machine, you just run

java -jar casbah-embedded-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

from a terminal window/command prompt. The requirements are the same as above.

As a real server

To run CASBah you'll simply need a Java Servlet Container (tomcat, jetty) up and running on your machine. Just deploy the casbah-ui.war to the container in any way you prefer and you should be up and running. Again data will end up in the .casbah directory of the user under which the servlet container runs, if you prefer (and you should) explicitly specify the directory where casbah stores its data, define the CASBAH_HOME environment variable.