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[Migrated to nestcloud repository]Feign is a nest http decorators library that makes writing nodejs http clients easier.
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Nest Logo


A component of nestcloud. NestCloud is a nest framework micro-service solution.


This is a Nest module for writing nestjs http clients easier.


$ npm i --save @nestcloud/feign @nestcloud/consul-loadbalance @nestcloud/consul consul

Quick Start

Import Module

import { Module } from '@nestjs/common';
import { FeignModule } from '@nestcloud/feign';
import { NEST_CONSUL_LOADBALANCE } from '@nestcloud/common';

  imports: [FeignModule.register({
    dependencies: [], // If use @nestcloud/consul-loadbalance module, please set NEST_CONSUL_LOADBALANCE
    axiosConfig: {},
export class ApplicationModule {}



import { Injectable } from "@nestjs/common";
import { Loadbalanced, Get, Query, Post, Body, Param, Put, Delete } from "@nestcloud/feign";
@Loadbalanced('user-service') // open lb support
export class UserClient {
    getUsers(@Query('role') role: string) {
    @Loadbalanced(false) // close lb support
    getRemoteUsers() {
    createUser(@Body('user') user: any) {
    updateUser(@Param('userId') userId: string, @Body('user') user: any) {
    deleteUser(@Param('userId') userId: string) {


export class UserService {
    constructor(private readonly userClient: UserClient) {}
    doCreateUser() {
        this.userClient.createUser({name: 'test'});


Get|Post|Put|Delete|Options|Head|Patch|Trace(uri: string, options?: AxiosRequestConfig): MethodDecorator

Route decorator.

field type description
uri string the url
options object axios config,see axios

Param|Body|Query|Header(field?: string): ParameterDecorator

Parameter decorator.

field type description
field string the field name

SetHeader|SetQuery|SetParam|SetBody(field: string, value: any): MethodDecorator

constant parameter decorator

field type description
field string the field name
value string | number | object the field value

Response(): MethodDecorator

If set this decorator, it will return full http response.

ResponseHeader(): MethodDecorator

If set this decorator, it will return response.headers.

ResponseBody(): MethodDecorator

It's a default decorator, it will return

ResponseType(type: string): MethodDecorator

set response data type, eg: 'arraybuffer', 'blob', 'document', 'json', 'text', 'stream', default 'json'

ResponseEncode(type: string): MethodDecorator

Set response data encode, default 'utf8'

Loadbalanced(service: string | boolean): ClassDecorator | MethodDecorator

Open or close lb support.

Interceptor<T extends IInterceptor>(interceptor: { new(): T })

add interceptor,such as:


import { IInterceptor } from "@nestcloud/feign";
import { AxiosResponse, AxiosRequestConfig } from 'axios';

export class AddHeaderInterceptor implements IInterceptor {
    onRequest(request: AxiosRequestConfig): AxiosRequestConfig {
        request.headers['x-service'] = 'service-name';
        return request;
    onResponse(response: AxiosResponse): AxiosResponse {
        return response;
    onRequestError(error: any): any {
        return Promise.reject(error);
    onResponseError(error: any): any {
        return Promise.reject(error);


import { Injectable } from "@nestjs/common";
import { Get, Interceptor } from "@nestcloud/feign";
import { AddHeaderInterceptor } from './AddHeaderInterceptor';

export class ArticleClient {
    getArticles() {

interceptor processing:

export class Client {

    getArticles() {


interceptor1 request
interceptor2 request
interceptor3 request
interceptor4 request
interceptor4 response
interceptor3 response
interceptor2 response
interceptor1 response

Brakes(config?: BrakesConfig | boolean): ClassDecorator | MethodDecorator

Open circuit supports.

Fallback(Fall: { new(): T })

Add Custom fallback, use together with Brakes decorator.

HealthChecker(Checker: { new(): T })

Add Health Checker for Brakes, use together with Brakes decorator, please set heathCheck: true, such as

@Brakes({healthCheck: true})

Stay in touch


NestCloud is MIT licensed.

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