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Welcome to the NEST simulator documentation!

:doc:`Download <download>` :doc:`Install <installation/index>`

NEST is a simulator for spiking neural network models, ideal for networks of any size, for example:

  1. Models of information processing e.g. in the visual or auditory cortex of mammals,
  2. Models of network activity dynamics, e.g. laminar cortical networks or balanced random networks,
  3. Models of learning and plasticity.
New to NEST?
Start here at our :doc:`Getting Started <getting_started>` page
Have an idea of the type of model you need?
Click on one of the images to access our model directory:
Neuron Models Synapse Models Devices

Create complex networks using the Topology Module or the Microcircuit Model:

Topology Microcircuit
Need a different model?
Check out how you can :doc:`create you own model <models/create_model>` here.
Have a question or issue with NEST?
See our :doc:`Getting Help <getting_help>` page.

How the documentation is organized


Links to other projects:

The NeuralEnsemble is a community-based initiative to promote and co-ordinate open-source software development in neuroscience. They host numerous software including PyNN, a simulator-independent language for building neuronal network models and Elephant (Electrophysiology Analysis Toolkit), a package for the analysis of neurophysiology data, using Neo data structures.

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