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Hackathon 2019/04

Updated Apr 1, 2019

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Updated Apr 9, 2019

This project collects all tasks related to the NESTio project. Responsible people are @jougs, @apeyser and @wschenck.

The current version of the code can be found at

Topology Revision

Updated Apr 1, 2019

Topology will change a lot. This project collects all issues related to these changes.

Random Number Generation

Updated Apr 8, 2019


NEST parameter interfaces

Updated Apr 10, 2019

user interface issues for parameter setting and kernel status requests (kernel, plasticity, nestio-backend, ... -settings)

Many places have grown in the course of SE and SP introduction and this project should create a consistent overview and code structure for both.

Automated testing

Updated Apr 10, 2019

No description

Extend and improve CI

Updated Jan 30, 2019

No description

Remove subnets

Updated Jan 21, 2019

As detailed in #480, we have decided to remove subnets from NEST. This project is about implementing this decision.

The work on this is happening together with a restructured Topology module, which heavily depended on subnets. The code can be found here:

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