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NEST 2.10.0 contains 303 repository commits by 25 developers since v2.8.0. The most notable changes over v2.8.0 are:

New features and functionality

  • To group connections that belong together, synapse models may now contain a numeric label, specified at creation time. GetConnections can select on this label.
  • Array parameters in calls to Connect can now also be specified as lists and tuples.

New models and model updates

  • New Tsodyks synapse model with common properties.
  • New STDP triplet synapse (see Pfister & Gerstner, 2006).
  • All precise models are now derived from ArchivingNode to support STDP connections.
  • parrot_neuron now supports connections onto port 0 and 1.
  • Added call to set_spiketime to make STDP work with this model.

Documentation and example improvements

  • Updated examples for the use of CSA in NEST.
  • Cleaned up hpc_benchmark.sli, which now also randomizes initial membrane potentials.
  • Updated online documentation on kernel parameters, including rng seeds.
  • New tests for parrot_neuron_ps and parrot_neuron and for STDP between parrot neurons

Bug fixes

  • parrot_neuron_ps now saves times of outgoing spikes.
  • binary_neuron now records spike times.
  • pp_pop_psc_delta does not support STDP anymore (as this was not sensible).
  • binary neurons and non-binary neurons cannot be connected anymore (which was possible but meaningless)
  • MUSIC now behaves correctly upon ResetKernel.
  • PyNEST now correctly handles changes to argv made by MPI or MUSIC during initialization.

Under the hood

  • The PyNEST high-level API was split into multiple files and submodules are loaded dynamically.
  • Improved tools for static analysis and automatic formatting of code in the CI and locally.
  • Fix errors in models when non default tics_per_ms setting is used.

Contributors since v2.6.0

  • Hannah Bos
  • Rajakelshmi Deepu
  • Moritz Deger
  • Sandra Diaz
  • Mikael Djurfeldt
  • Jochen Martin Eppler
  • Jan Hahne
  • Moritz Helias
  • Tammo Ippen
  • Susanne Kunkel
  • Frank Michler
  • Janne Morén
  • Abigail Morrison
  • Alexander Peyser
  • Hans Ekkehard Plesser
  • Maximilian Schmidt
  • Alex Seeholzer
  • Teo Stocco


If you use this version of NEST, please cite it as Bos, Hannah et al. (2015). NEST 2.10.0. Zenodo. 10.5281/zenodo.44222. The full citation is available in different formats on Zenodo.