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NEST Hackathon 14.09 18.09 2020

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Where: Online

When: 14.09 - 18.09.2020



Automatic testing

  • Part of NEST is missing tests (structural plasticity, dopamine, ...) [CL will look at dopamine synapse test]
    • Tuesday
  • look at MUSIC tests
  • Need discussions and who-does-what

ResetNetwork / dumping & loading

  • Related Issue #1755
  • If we have users participating: discuss and find out exactly what needs to be saved and if it is possible
  • Discuss new idea from Open VC 17. august
  • Should result at least in a document detailing our current understanding
  • -> Wednesday

Create sub-folders in nestkernel directory

  • The directory is very messy, it would be nice to clean it up by organizing the different files into different folders
  • Create separate folders for connecting, recording backend etc.
  • (related issue #1175) -> Thursday

Other discussions


  • get number of PRs down

    • evaluate GitHub projects efficacy, evaluate project-based updates replacing PR-based updates in Open NEST Meeting
  • discuss how to handle modules in future (#1717, @clinssen, @jougs)

  • NEST 2.20.1

  • Video conference with Jari, Wolfram and Susanne on "Basic Instrumentation" #1471 on Tuesday at 14:00

if time

  • look at JIT for NESTML [CL]