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NEST Hackathon 30.06 02.07 2021

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Where: Online

When: 30.06 - 02.07.2021


  • Pooja
  • Charl
  • Jochen
  • Steffen
  • Jessica
  • Sebastian
  • Dennis
  • Stine
  • Hans Ekkehard
  • Håkon

Planned topics

  • pip install nest-simulator (#2073) -> test, discuss ++
  • Installation in virtual environments, some issues fixed and merged (see #1959 and #2080)
    • What do we do about release?
  • documentation
    • intersphinx - set up / how to use it effectively
    • (discussion) improving workflow for handling documentation, how to ensure documentation is considered by developers, what kinds of guidelines are needed and where should they be made accessible
  • Connection prototype
  • Code generation

The Plan!

  • STDP unit test #1840 [CL]
    • Moving offset from Event to Time class (discussion/benchmarking) [CL, HEP, Pooja]
  • pip install and install in virtual environments (Guido, Steffen, Robin, Dennis, Pooja)
  • Intersphinx (Jessica, Jochen)
  • Documentation guidelines (Jessica, Charl, Hans Ekkehard (if time))
  • Wang model (Stine, HEP, Charl, Pooja)
  • ntree problems (HEP, Håkon)
  • Issue sorting session (all)


  • New releases -> timebased release?
    • Code breaking ok, the version is the version.
    • Drop deprecation warnings completely?
    • When we make a change -> write in documentation something like "behavior changed with NEST x.y".
    • Next hackathon (portaton): invite users who need help to port their models to NEST 3.0

PRs merged, issues closed

For PRs merged, see here

For PRs opened, see here

For issues closed, see here