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Closex ✨

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πŸ”₯ Blazing-fast πŸš€ Elixir library πŸ‘»οΈ for the API πŸ€–

πŸ“” Learn more about the API:

πŸ“– Documentation for this package is available on HexDocs.


Add closex to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:closex, ">= 0.0.0"} # or the current stable version


In your config.exs:

config :closex,
  # This should be accessible from your user's account page in
  api_key: "YOUR_API_KEY",

  # This is a beta feature which will wait and retry `find_lead` and
  # `find_opportunity` requests *once* if you hit your rate limit. The intention
  # is that this will be gradually rolled out across other requests as needed.
  rate_limit_retry: true # Defaults to `false` (don't retry)

You can also read the API key from an environment variable, such as:

config :closex,
  api_key: {:system, "MY_ENV_VAR"}


The client is essentially a wrapper around the Close.IO REST API.

It follows the Close.IO API naming conventions as closely as possible. It supports almost everything that the REST API supports including querying leads, opportunities, users, organizations, statuses and more.

Example usage:

# Get a lead
{:ok, %{"id" => "my_lead_id", "status_id" => "my_status_id", ...}}

# Update a lead
Closex.HTTPClient.update_lead("my_lead_id", %{status_id: "new_status_id"})
{:ok, %{"id" => "my_lead_id", "status_id" => "new_status_id", ...}}

# many more ...

See the docs for more examples.

You may also want to set the default client you want to use in your applicaton via your config:

# your_app/config/config.exs

config :yourapp,
  closeio_client: Closex.HTTPClient,
  ...other configuration...

Next, use it in your code:

# your_app/lib/module_which_uses_closeio.ex

defmodule YourApp.ModuleWhichUsesCloseIO do

  @closeio_client Application.fetch_env!(:your_app, :closeio_client)

  def do_things_with_a_close_io_lead(id) do
    # do things

Mock Client

We have provided a mock client for testing purposes in your application.

Using the above configuration will allow you to override and use the Closex.MockClient in test mode.

# your_app/config/test.exs

config :yourapp,
  closeio_client: Closex.MockClient,
  ...other configuration...

For more details on the mock client please see the docs.


Options will be passed through to HTTPoison. For example, to set a shorter timeout:

Closex.HTTPClient.get_lead("my_lead_id", timeout: 500, recv_timeout: 1_000)

Rate limit retry

When we hit a rate limit on certain requests, there's a beta configuration to get the client to take this into account, wait a second longer than the remaining rate limit window then retry again. This can be enabled for all affected requests (see Configuration) or on a per-request basis:

Closex.HTTPClient.get_lead("my_lead_id", rate_limit_retry: true)

This is only limited to certain requests as it's being trialled, if useful then we'll roll it out across other requests. The requests are:

  • find_leads
  • find_opportunities
  • find_all_opportunities
  • get_users


Everyone is encouraged to help improve this project. Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Report bugs
  • Fix bugs and submit pull requests
  • Write, clarify, or fix documentation
  • Suggest or add new features
  • Please use the git hooks provided in the hooks directory. Use the following command to set these hooks up.
ln -s ../../hooks/ .git/hooks/pre-commit




Copyright NextDayProperty Ltd (see LICENSE for details)


πŸ”₯ Blazing-fast πŸš€ Elixir library πŸ‘»οΈ for the API πŸ€–




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