A small demo of oauth2 integration
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oauth2 - a demo of oauth2 integration

Here we implement oauth2 authorization within angularjs.

Authentication is done as follows:

  1. Open oauth2 provider login/grant screen.
  2. Redirect to the oauth2 callback screen with access token.
  3. Verification of the access token against provider.
  4. Get some basic profile.

A base javascript class OAuth2 implements these steps.

There are following implementations that authorize against specific providers:

OAuth2Server - implements authorization through known providers, but calls server side to validate access token. This way, the server side can establish a user's session.

The file Config.json contains endpoints and request parameters per supported provider.

Note: You should register a client_id for each provider.

Note: user_id and access_tokens are unique only in a scope of access provider, thus a session is identified by Provider + access_token, and a user is identified by Provider + user_id.

The use case can be found in test.js E.g. authorization against OAuth2Server is done like this:

var login = new OAuth2Server(provider);

token = login.authorize();

    // token contains populated data.
    if (error)
      // handle an error

Authorization token contains:

  • a promise to handle authorization outcome.
  • cancelToken (a Deferred object) to cancel authorization in progress.

Whole sample is implemented as VS project. All scripts are build with app.tt, that combines content of Scripts/app int app.js.

Server side is implemented with ASP.NET Web API. Authorization controllers are

See also: oauth2 and angularjs