Some bash scripts that leverage on existing pdf tools
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Some bash scripts that leverage on existing pdf tools. Script names should be self exaplanatory with the exception perhaps of which allows to change metadata in pdfs (example provided to add bookmarks).


xpdf and ghostscript. They are available for Linux, Unix, OS X and probably Windows. In MAC OS X you just:

brew install xpdf
brew install ghostscript


After installing dependencies just clone the project:

git clone


Enter the directory and run the scripts without params to confirm you get the help for each of them, for example:

cd pdf-bash-tools/

Example 1

Run the below commands and note how the original sample file has 5 names and cities. The name "Jorge" is repeated in two pages. As we pull only those pages that contain the name "Jorge" the result is a shorter file containing only 2 pages.

rm -f  /tmp/names_and_cities_jorge.pdf
./ samples/names_and_cities.pdf /tmp/names_and_cities_jorge.pdf "Jorge"
open /tmp/names_and_cities_jorge.pdf 

Example 2

Run the below commands and note how even though encrypted with password "test", we are still able to produce a final pdf file. If you want that file encrypted then just run gs with proper flags as you can see explained inside the script:

rm -f  /tmp/names_and_cities_jorge.pdf
./ samples/names_and_cities_encrypted.pdf /tmp/names_and_cities_jorge.pdf "Jorge" test
open /tmp/names_and_cities_jorge.pdf 

Example 3

Run the below commands and note how the resulting files (obtained from encrypted and not encrypted source pdf files) contain bookmarks. The echo lines basically build a pdfmark ( to insert bookmarks in the source pdf. I have also added a test for filenames containing spaces.

rm -f  /tmp/names_and_cities_bookmarked.pdf
rm -f  /tmp/names_and_cities_decrypted_and_bookmarked.pdf
echo '[/PageMode /UseOutlines /DOCVIEW pdfmark' > /tmp/pdfmark
echo '[ /Page 1 /Title (Nestor Urquiza) /OUT pdfmark' >> /tmp/pdfmark
echo '[ /Page 2 /Title (Jorge Ruiz) /OUT pdfmark' >> /tmp/pdfmark
echo '[ /Page 3 /Title (Mark Johnson) /OUT pdfmark' >> /tmp/pdfmark
echo '[ /Page 4 /Title (Jorge Gacia) /OUT pdfmark' >> /tmp/pdfmark
echo '[ /Page 5 /Title (Jristo Jristov) /OUT pdfmark' >> /tmp/pdfmark
./ samples/names_and_cities.pdf /tmp/names_and_cities_bookmarked.pdf /tmp/pdfmark
open /tmp/names_and_cities_bookmarked.pdf
cp samples/names_and_cities.pdf "/tmp/names and cities.pdf"
rm -f  "/tmp/names and cities bookmarked.pdf"
./ "/tmp/names and cities.pdf" "/tmp/names and cities bookmarked.pdf" /tmp/pdfmark
open "/tmp/names and cities bookmarked.pdf"
./ samples/names_and_cities_encrypted.pdf /tmp/names_and_cities_decrypted_and_bookmarked.pdf /tmp/pdfmark test
open /tmp/names_and_cities_decrypted_and_bookmarked.pdf 

Example 4

Run the below:

./ --printmatch samples/names_and_cities.pdf "Jo[^ ]*"

Assert the result is the page and the exact match separated by comma:


Example 5

Run the below commands and note how the file is encrypted with password "test" and a watermark shows up in all pages of the original pdf.

rm -f  /tmp/names_and_cities_watermarked.pdf
./ samples/names_and_cities.pdf /tmp/names_and_cities_watermarked.pdf "Nestor Urquiza - Sample, Inc" "test"
open /tmp/names_and_cities_watermarked.pdf 

Example 6

Look at the names_and_cities2.pdf file which includes an apostrophe in the name. Of course you will need to be careful with quotation and escaping. Try to go through the different examples above with the new file to find out the changes you will need. Yes this is homework, not kidding.