The things that we are using extensively for creating iPhone apps here at Screencustoms.
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TouchCustoms is a Cocoa Touch static library that contains a number of reusable components that we use in our projects on a daily basis.

Component list

  1. SCRURLConnection – Light-weight NSURLConnection wrapper that provides handy GCD-targeted API and allows to fulfill most network operations without including heavy 3rd party libs.
  2. SCRMemoryManagement – Make memory management easier.
  3. SCRRatingView – 5-star rating-view that allows to set ratings yourself.
  4. SCRSegmentedControl – Multi-row UISegmentedControl.
  5. SCRSymbolicProgressBar – A progress-bar that uses a series of identical symbols to represent the value of progress.
  6. NSArray (Linq) – Category that adds some .NET LINQ abilities to Objective C. Explanation on how to use that in your projects
  7. and growing… see source for the full list


Please, see Wiki section. It has some to-the-subject articles.