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A super-lightweight object-document mapper for Python and MongoDB.
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A super-lightweight object-document mapper for Python and MongoDB.

It is so lightweight, all it does is provide a way for you to structure your data, and that's it! It leaves all of the index creation, and connection management, to you. At some point in the future, however, there may be some functionality added that provides you with some shortcuts to doing things like creating indexes.

Why another ODM?

Basically, I am sick-n'-tired of other ODMs doing a ton of work behind the scenes, and making some jobs harder than they need to be. One of the main reasons pureodm does not manage database connections for you, is because that would duplicate the functionality provided by the pymongo driver, but at the same time abstract away from it, and make certain tasks more difficult.

Which tasks am I referring to? Suppose you want to establish multiple connections to multiple databases - from the same process - and while all of their data may be identical in structure, it must be kept separate for one reason or another.

In case you are wondering, yes, this has come up before, and no, there was no viable solution other than using just pymongo.

Now, it should be mentioned that using the term "ODM" here, is a serious misnomer. All pureodm does, is provide you with a way to declare your data structures, and from that, generate dicts that can be passed directly to any of the methods of a pymongo.collection.Collection object.

What are the benefits?

  • You establish the connections to the databases
  • Absolutely nothing is done behind your back - not even index creation


  • pymongo (>=2.4.1)

Despite there having been almost an entire year since the last release of pureodm, the version of PyMongo does not need to change, and impose an artificial version number that pureodm does not realistically make use of.

That being said though, you should really be using the latest version of PyMongo.

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