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NetDaemon - Write your automations in C# for Home Assistant

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Welcome to the NetDaemon project. This is the application daemon that allows you to write your home automations in C# for Home Assistant. This repo contains the latest generation of NetDaemon, V4.

Please see for detailed instructions how to get started using NetDaemon.

The NetDaemon v4 is pretty stable and we aim to have as little breaking changes as possible

About V4

NetDaemon runtime version 4 is built for .NET 8 and C# 12. Version 4 is from release 2023xx and forward.


The NetDaemon nuget packaged uses CalVer versioning system. The versioning is in the format YYYY.WW.PATCH where YYYY.WW is the year and weeknumber (01-52). PATCH is the patch version of the release.


If you have issues or suggestions of improvements, please add an issue

Discuss the NetDaemon

Please join the Discord server to get support or if you want to contribute and help others.

Get started with NetDaemon

Developer notes

Check out dotnet-outdated-tool for automatic upgrades of all projects nuget packages.

Install the tool by running:

dotnet tool install --global dotnet-outdated-tool

Then run the following command to upgrade all packages to the latest version:

dotnet outdated --pre-release Never --upgrade