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A collection of structural sass for your project.
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Terrain by Trigger.

To setup a development environment:

  1. Install Node.js (this will install npm).
  2. Run npm install.
  3. Run grunt this will launch the grunt server which watches your scss doucments for changes. When it sees changes it updates the .css files.

Style tasks

  1. Configurable list styling (suffix & prefix)
  2. Known height for inputs / selects ( radios + labels, etc )
  3. Form elements transition optional
  4. Tidy up svg stuff in form elements
  5. :active states for form elements and buttons
  6. Tables: active & asc/desc header styles?
  7. Rethink definition lists & add more config / style varations
  8. More config / options for blockquotes
  9. Extend configurable variables in settings (buttons)
  10. Improve / add positiioning classes (placeholders) and use throughout
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