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TweakScale :: Known Issues

  • A new and definitively destructive "Unholly Interactions Between Modules", or as it's fondly known by it's friends, Kraken Food, was found due some old or badly written patches ends up injecting TweakScale properties twice on the Node.
    • This is particularly nasty as it corrupts a previously working GameDatabase that infects your savegames with corrupted part info. Once a new Add'On is installed, or the bad one is uninstalled, suddenly all your savegames with the old, corrupted part info became broken. See details on the Issue #34.
    • This was considered FATAL as previously perfectly fine parts became corrupted by installing a rogue Patch, that can so be uninstalled later ruining savegames. By that reason, a very scaring warning are being issue in the Main Menu when the problem is detected.
  • There's a crashing situation when using TweakScale and Classic Infernal Robotics.
    • IR parts scaled down to "Small -" (small minus, the smallest of them) crashes the game when the craft is unpacked.
    • Aparently quitting imediatelly KSP, restarting, reloading the game and recovering the vessel from the Track Station is enough to salvage the savegame - but more tests are needed to be sure of that.
    • Related issues:
      • #39 Game Crash when scaling some third party parts to the minimum
      • #40 Feasibility Study for a runtime Sanity Check for issue #39
    • TweakScale advises all IR users to update to Infernal Robotics/Next where this issue was solved.
  • There's a potentially destructive problem happening due "Unholly Interactions Between Modules", or as it's fondly known by it's friends, Kraken Food. :)
    • Due events absolutely beyond the TweakScale scope of actions, some parts are being injected with more than one instance of TweakScale. This usually happens by faulty MM patches, but in the end this can happens by code or even my MM cache's editing.
      • Things appears to work fine, except by some double Tweakables on the UI. However, crafts and savagames get corrupted when loaded by sane KSP installments, as the duplicates now takes precedence on loading config data, overwriting the real ones.
      • Things become very ugly when by absolutely any reason (new add-on installed or deleted, or even updated) the glitch is fixed on the MM cache. Now, your KSP installment is a sane one, and all your crafts (including the flying ones) will lose their TweakScale settings!
    • So, before any fix is attempted to the problem, TweakScale now is taking some measures to preserve your craft settings from being overwritten once the craft is loaded into a sane installment.
      • Keep in mind, however, that TweakScale acts on SAVING data. You need to load and save every craft and savegame using the latest TweakScale as soon as you can.
    • A proper fix to the root cause, now, is not only beyound the reach of TweakScale, as it's also destructive. Only after TweakScale 2.4.1 or beyound are mainstream for some time it will be safe to do something about - and by then, something else will probably be needed to rescue old crafts and savegames.
  • TweakScale 2.4.x is known to (purposely) withdraw support for some parts on runtime. This, unfortunately, damages crafts at loading (including from flying ones) as the TweakScale data plain vanishes and the part goes back to stock.
    • Parts being deactivated are being logged into KSP.log, pinpointing to an URL where the issue it causes is described. TweakScale does not hides from you what it's being done.
    • This is unavoidable, unfortunately, as the alternative is a fatal corruption of the game state (persisted on savegames) that leads to blowing statics and ultimately game crash.
    • The Maintainer is terribly sorry for the mess (my savegames gone kaput too), but it's the less evil of the available choices.
    • The proposed mitigation measure is to backup your savegames, try TweakScale 2.4.x and then decide if the damages (if any, only a few parts are affected) are bigger than the risks - but then, make hourly backups of your savegames as one the misbehaviour is triggered, your savegame can be doomed and forever leading to crashes.
    • Related issues:
      • #9 Weird issue with SXT parts using FSBuoyancy
      • #11 Negative mass on parts
      • #12 Zero Mass on Parts
      • #15 Prevent B9PartSwitch to be handled when another Part Switch is active

  • RiP : Research in Progress
  • WiP : Work in Progress
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