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-Net::SSH was originally written by Jamis Buck <>. In
+Net::SSH was originally written by Jamis Buck <>. It
+is currently maintained by Delano Mandelbaum <>. In
addition, the following individuals are gratefully acknowledged for their
@@ -16,4 +17,75 @@ Chris Andrews <> and Lee Jensen <>
* support for ssh agent forwarding
Hiroshi Nakamura
- * fixed errors with JRuby tests
+ * fixed errors with JRuby tests
+Additional Contributors:
+Andreas Wolff
+Nobuhiro IMAI
+Andy Brody
+Marco Sandrini
+Ryosuke Yamazaki
+Mark Imbriaco
+Joel Watson
+Woon Jung
+Edmund Haselwanter
+Daniel Pittman
+Markus Roberts
+Gavin Brock
+Rich Lane
+Lee Marlow
+Delano Mandelbaum
+Miklós Fazekas
+Andy Lo-A-Foe
+Jason Weathered
+Hans de Graaff
+Travis Reeder
+Akinori MUSHA
+Alex Peuchert
+Daniel Azuma
+Will Bryant
+Gerald Talton
+Karl Varga
+Denis Bernard
+Steven Hazel
+Alex Holems
+Andrew Babkin
+Bob Cotton
+Yanko Ivanov
+Angel N. Sciortino
+David Dollar
+Timo Gatsonides
+Matthew Todd
+Brian Candler
+Francis Sullivan
+James Rosen
+Mike Timm

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