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Backbone Boilerplate, Phonegap (Cordova), Marionette and jQuery mobile boilerplate
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Backbone Boilerplate, Phonegap (Cordova), Marionette and jQuery Mobile boilerplate


Boilerplate for mobile development which adds Marionette and jQuery Mobile to Backbone Boilerplate.

Uses the backbone-websql plugin to persist data to to WebSQL.


  • Cordova (ne. Phonegap) - Platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • RequireJS - JavaScript file and module loader.
  • Backbone.js - JavaScript MV* framework which provides constructs for the separation of concerns within a JavaScript application.
  • Marionette - Composite application library for Backbone which aims to simplify the constuction of large scale JavaScript applications.
  • jQuery Mobile - An HTML5-based user interface library, built on jQuery and jQuery UI, for all popular mobile device platforms.

Build tool

Yeoman provides a unified collection of tools and libraries, and a workflow, to help developers quickly build web apps.

Yeoman is not necessary to preview the project which should run on a webserver or in Phonegap without the build step.

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