Bare-bone P2P live media streaming engine
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Luca Baldesi
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PStreamer[1] is a P2P real-time content distribution platform. It is built on top of the GRAPES library [2] which is a mandatory dependency. You can compile the vanilla executable or the use the libpstreamer library to easily code your own streaming platform.


In order to compile you need the GRAPES library [3]. You can specify the GRAPES folder path using an environment variable.

To obtain both the PStreamer library and the executable just launch $> make

To turn on all the debugging feature, set the DEBUG environment variable: $> DEBUG=1 make

To turn on only the chunk and signalling debugging function use the CFLAGS: $> CFLAGS="-DLOG_CHUNK -DLOG_SIGNAL" make


In the "test" folder are stored the test files. To run them and check code consistency run: $> make tests


Here it is a simple example using the executable and the RTP chunkiser; you need an RTP streaming source we suppose it is streaming using the ports 4000,4001,4002,4003; The following will start a PStreamer source peer, getting the RTP flow from the RTP source and serving it to the rest of the P2P net through port 3999 $> ./pstreamer -p 0 -c "iface=lo,port=3999,chunkiser=rtp,base=4000,addr=,max_delay_ms=50" The following will start a PStreamer peer, which gets the source peer flow from port 4999 and will re-distribute an RTP flow using the ports 5000,5001,5002,5003 $> ./pstreamer -p 3999 -c "iface=lo,port=4999,dechunkiser=rtp,base=5000,addr="


[1] [2] Abeni, Luca, et al. "Design and implementation of a generic library for P2P streaming." Proceedings of the 2010 ACM workshop on Advanced video streaming techniques for peer-to-peer networks and social networking. ACM, 2010 [3]